Donate to Prevent Disability

Donate to Prevent Disability

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Leprosy and  sometimes Diabetes  causes damage to nerves supplying the limbs.

This leads to loss of  sensation in the limbs and thereby loss of  function.  Nerve damage can lead to loss of sensation. So the affected person tends to ignore any injurious, painful stimulus . This leads to tissue injury, overuse and abuse of the limb leading to destruction of the limb.

Destruction to the limb can be in the form of wounds or ulcers along with or without




or  a combination of all these.  It can  also lead to open wounds (ulcers), twisted joints or limbs which will ultimately make people  “walk their way to amputations” of their fingers, toes, hands and legs.

Ulcer Dressing done for
Patients at SIHRLC,Karigiri

Plaster of Paris Cast applied
at SIHRLC, Karigiri

This can be prevented by routine health education and early diagnosis which includes arresting damage to the limbs and preventing recurrence of wounds  by appropriate customized protective Microcellular Rubber (MCR) footwear  and appliances for the hands.

Damage can be limited and corrected by  surgeries and  protective appliances.

Many of these measures were pioneered by Schieffelin Institute, Karigiri, where timely and appropriate medical intervention has saved  many from amputation. This has sustained the lives of numerous people who hail from very low socio-economic background where their physical

Special Orthotics  provided
SIHRLC, Karigiri