Though born on an inauspicious day – Solar eclipse, Karigiri today has developed to become a renowned institution for training and research both in the field of Leprosy and General Medicine.

Branch of Laboratories

Laboratory staff

Dr. G. Lakshmi Rajan, MBBS, MD (Path )

Dr. Joyce Ponnaiya , MBBS, MD ( Path)

Mrs. Shantha Arumugam,  BSc., CMLT

Mrs. Yamuna. P. , CMLT

Mrs. Esther Velanganni, BSc., DMM

Mrs. Esther Rita David, BSc. MLT, MSc. MLT

Miss. Miracle Magdelene Paul, BSc. MLT, MSc. Medical Biochemistry

Mr. G. Asgar Sheriff, DMLT

Mr. M. Gokul, DMLT

Mr. K. Neppolian, DMLT

Mr. G. Vishnu Moorthy, DMLT

Mr.V.  Nandha Kumar,  DMLT

Mr. Ajay Prasad, BSc. MLT

Mr.D. Pradeep, BSc. MLT

Miss. Cathrin, DMLT

Miss. Madhusmitha Das, B. Tech – Bio Technology, M. Tech – Bio Technology

Miss.D. Diana , BSc. – Bio Technology, MSc – BioTechnology

It started as a research laboratory in 1955 and, The Branch of Laboratories was established in 1958 as Department of Pathology. Now it offers diagnostic services, Training programmes and Research in Experimental Pathology and Molecular Biology.

  • 1955 Smear Lab & Pathology was established
  • 1961 Clinical Pathology started by Dr. Charles Kamalam Job & Mrs. Rajam Varadharajan
  • 1962 Gudiyattam EPD work began. Dr Job took up the challenge of initiating a Survey, Education and Treatment programme in the control area.
  • 1969 Dr. A.B.A Karat laid the foundation for the mouse foot pad laboratory and named it Radda Barnen Research laboratories(Experimental Pathology)
  • 1978 one year CMLT Course (Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology ) Mr. N.A. Joseph & Mrs. Yamuna. P were the first students
  • 1988- 95 Microbiology was initiated by Dr. Chinoy Chacko and established by Dr. Cariappa. Research work on Lymphoblast transformation test and Transfer factor was done
  • 1996 Diagnostic Microbiology work initiated by Dr. Sujay Sunitha and established Mrs. Esther Velanganni
  • 1999 Molecular Biology laboratory project was launched and established by Dr. Muruganand
  • 2005 Paul Brand Integrated Health Centre was started by Dr. Abraham Joseph then Director
  • 2007 two year DMLT Course (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology ) introduced by

Dr. Joyce Ponnaiya, under CMAI  (Christian Medical Association of India )

  • 2011 Three years BSc. MLT course under COHS ( College of Health Sciences ) affiliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University was started with compulsory one year Internship from the batch of 2016.

Dr. Charles Kamalam Job, the founder of the department was honoured with several awards for his services to leprosy research, and much of his work was carried out at Karigiri. He received many awards including the Damien –Dutton award in 1993, and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Indian Association of Leprologist in 2010.

Histopathology :

The Histopathology laboratory renders the histopathology and cytology services to clinical departments inside the hospital, the Leprosy Mission Hospitals and other nearby Hospitals.

·         Cervical Smear / Exfoliative Cytology
·         Cytology Fnac
·         Extra Slide ( Biopsy )
·         Gynae Endometrail Biopsy
·         Lep Biopsy blocks
·         Lep Biopsy second opinion
·         Non Leprosy Biopsy ( skin)
·         Non Leprosy blocks
·         Non Leprosy second opinion
·         Skin / Nerve Biopsy in Leprosy
·         Surg Biopsy Blocks ( outside )
·         Surg Biopsy Second Opinion
·         Surgical Specimen
·         Ulcer Biopsy

The routine investigations are carried out in the Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology laboratories.

List of tests

Clinical Pathology :

·         FBC
·         Hb
·         RBC Profile
·         Retics
·         WBC TC
·         WBC DC
·         ESR
·         AEC
·         Plate. Count
·         Plate. Profile
·         B. Picture
·         B.T.
·         C.T.
·         M.P :
·         M.F :

·         Albumin
·         Sugar
·         Micro
·         Bile Pig
·         Bile Salts
·         Preg. Test
·         Direct Smear
·         O. Blood
·         Floatation
·         Redu. Subst
Blood Bank
·         Grouping
·         Rh Typing
·         Cross Match
·         Packed cells


·         Blood Sugar
·         Urea
·         Sodium
·         Potassium
·         Creatinine
·         Total protein
·         Albumin
·         Alk. Phos.
·         Bilirubin Total
·         Conj
·         SGPT
·         SGOT
·         24 hrs. Urine protein
·         Fluid sugar
·         Fluid Protein
·         Uric acid
·         Cholesterol
·         Triglycerides
·         HDL Cholesterol
·         LDL
·         HBA1C
·         TSH
·         T3
·         T4
·         FT4


·         HIV
·         HBSAg
·         VDRL
·         WIDAL
·         CRP
·         Pus C/S
·         Urine C/S
·         Eye C/S
·         Ear C/S
·         Nasal C/S
·         Sputum C/S
·         CSF C/S
·         Fluids C/S
·         Throat swab C/S
·         Blood C/S
·         Faeces C/S
·         Fungus C/S
·         Miscellaneous
·         Surveillance
·         Dengue Serology

The quality control program for Biochemistry, Microbiology and Haematology, ensures the high quality of laboratory test results from our lab. We have both internal and external quality control programmes

Karigiri is famous world wide for an age old, but still reliable test that is the Slit  Skin Smear test for AFB/ Lepra bacilli  and runs external and internal quality control programs.

Animal House / Experimental Pathology

The laboratory also has state of art facilities for conducting mouse experiments. The experimental laboratory with CBA mice and Thymectomized animals play an important role in the current research programs. Mouse foot pad studies are ongoing for drug sensitivity and viability. Strains of Mycobacterium leprae resistant to DDS, Rifampicin, and Clofazimine are being maintained.

Projects accomplished:

Evaluation of the bacterial activity of new drugs and drug combinations in mice model; Funding Body: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR); duration: 2010-2014.

Clinical Pathology & Blood Bank :  17395 + 824 = 18219

Bio Chemistry : 24755

Microbiology: 2777

Slit Skin Smears : 1865

Histopathology  & Cytology: 1177

Experimental Pathology :  333