Leprosy Training

Leprosy Training

Medical Officers, DLOs, SLOs, course – 6 weeks course

This is a basic curse that is necessary for all Medical officers who are going to work in Leprosy. The course covers various aspects of Leprosy training. The course includes medical aspects of Leprosy dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of Leprosy. It also includes the various aspects of the holistic care of Leprosy. Since it is a six week course, the trainee will be able to manage Leprosy and its complications independently.

Medical Officers condensed course – 1 week

The one week Medical Officers condensed course is usually a refresher course. Any medical officer who has completed the 6 weeks course and wants to update their knowledge can use this one week course as a refresher course. The course is structured in such a way that all the contents of the 6 week course are refreshed within a week. Sometimes, the institution also offers a 2 week refresher course.

Physiotherapy Technician course – 9 months +3 months internship (optional)

The Physiotherapy technician course is open to all those who have completed school education. Many government employees in the health sector who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge undergo this course. The course teaches basics of Leprosy and also other aspects of Leprosy.

Smear Technician Course – 4 months

The smear technician training is conducted by the Laboratory department. The candidate who undergoes this course will learn the various aspects of taking the smear. Identifying Leprosy bacilli from the smear is part of the course. It is structured for those who want to work in the field of Leprosy only. Candidates who are in Leprosy institutions who want to multi skill can opt for this course.

Laboratory Technician course – 12 months

The Laboratory technician course is a certificate course offered by SIHRLC, Karigiri. The candidate who completes this course will have the knowledge and skills to work in a laboratory. This is an in-service training. The course includes basics on pathology, microbiology, biochemistry and histopathology.

Para Medical Worker’s course – 6  months

The 6 month paramedical course is not a regular course run by the institute, but we can run the course when there are at least 5 candidates. The candidate will learn about the surveillance methods to identify leprosy. The Para Medical Worker would be an asset to any Leprosy institution to conduct the field work.

Non Medical Supervisors course – 2  months

A Non Medical Supervisor is a person who is in charge of the Leprosy programme in a control area. The training imparts the knowledge to supervise paramedical workers who are involved in field work. He course involves traveling to the field on regular basis.

Health Educators course – 2 months

The Health Educators course is run on a regular basis at SIHRLC, Karigiri. Several employees from the Government sector undergo this course. It is a 2 month intensive course in various aspects of health education. Leprosy health education is a major part of the course.

Training of Trainers course – 1 week

The Training of Trainers course is an intensive one week course offered to any teaching faculty. It is a course that is structured to help any trainer or teacher to become better in their profession. The latest teaching methodologies, assessment methods are part of the curriculum.