Donate for Reconstructive Surgery

Donate for Reconstructive Surgery

I am able to hold and work again without any difficulty… 

14 year old Usha (Name Changed) hails from Erumathur a remote village in Dharmapuri Dist in the state of Tamilnadu.  She had developed deformities due to leprosy at a very  young age which made her  future a big challenge for  her and her family. Her father being a labourer was trying hard,  spending all the family’s savings for  the correction of her deformities.

At this juncture, Usha was indentified in a POID camp conducted  by Schieffelin Institute in coordination with the District Leprosy Office (DLO), Dharmapuri and was motivated to undergo reconstructive surgery. After  the surgery, she was  given further  training on activities for daily living  at the Department of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy.

Usha is now a Confident and a happy Student getting back to her School to restart her Studies.

Why Reconstructive Surgery ???

The aim of  Reconstructive Surgery for leprosy  is to correct various deformities caused due to

* Nerve injury.
* Deformed hands,
* Eyelid paralysis,
* Foot drop, and
* Collapsed nose.  Reconstructive surgery is an  important part of rehabilitation for those affected

Reconstructive surgery is an important part of rehabilitation for those affected by leprosy who have been disabled or disfigured.

Schieffelin Institute of Health Research and Leprosy Centre, a tertiary health care centre for leprosy treatment, has been involved in providing  holistic care for the people affected by leprosy since 1955. Holistic care involves rehabilitation through physical, psychological, social and economic interventions.

SIHRLC has been a pioneer in all aspects of management of patients affected by leprosy. This includes prevention and control of disability due to the disease. Reconstructive surgeries for limbs, face and eyelids, deformed due to  leprosy  are performed at our hospital. Surgeons from Schieffelin Institute, also visit various institutions across the country to perform and train
surgeons in Reconstructive Surgery.

What do we do ?

We at Schieffelin  Institute with the aid of our Community Health Department conduct frequent POID (Prevention of Impairment and Disability) camps

Foot drop correction and Clawed toe
Rs. 30,000/-
Reconstruction of the sole Rs. 50,000/-
Eye lid deformity
correction (to prevent blindness)
Rs. 30,000/-
Correction of
deformities on the hands
Rs. 45,000/-
Wrist drop Correction Rs. 30,000/-