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Projects Funding Agency Investigators Duration
To identify Mycobacterium leprae associated transcriptomic signatures and host immune signatures that aid as early signals for determination of reaction states in leprosy. Leprosy Research Initiative, 704.16.57/LRI Madhusmita Das Ongoing
Tactile Sensory Feedback System to Predict and Prevent Peak Plantar Pressures American Leprosy Missions, 4384 Sathish Kumar Paul 2019-2020
Design Customized Offloading Devices to Promote Healing of Plantar Ulcers Leprosy Research Initiative, 706.18.29/LRI David Prakash Kumar, Sathish Kumar Paul, Jerry 2017-2019 2017-2019
Mobile Technology (M-Health) – A novel approach to facilitate and motivate self-care among the leprosy affected Leprosy Research Initiative, 705.17.41/LRI/DEF Sathish Kumar Paul, David Prakash Kumar, Richard Joseph, Jerry Joshua 2017-2019
To Investigate the whole Transcriptome and Genomic profile of Drug resistant strains of Mycobacterium Leprae in order to identify Molecular Signatures that aid in the Determination of Drug Resistance in Leprosy ICMR funded Project, F/No: ECD/ ADhoc/Leprosy/ 2014-2674/ FY – 14-15/22/ Karigiri/ NGO Madhusmita Das 2014-Ongoing
Multi centric trial to study the effect of early mobilization as compared to three weeks immobilization following tendon procedure for claw hand ICMR funded Project, No.ECD/TF/Lep/FY-14-15/24/Agra/Govt.15 Jerry Joshua 2014-Ongoing
Effects of the Impact of Counselling Intervention on life situation of the stigmatized vitiligo and Psoriasis Patients ICMR funded Project, No: 5/11/13/10-SAR Valsa Augustuine, Premkumar, Priya Joseph, Richard Joseph 2011-2014
Identifying and reducing the gap between medical and social definition of “Cure” through appropriate methods ICSSR 2011-2013


Projects Funding Agency Duration
Empowerment of Persons Living with Stigmatizing Conditions Danish Mission Council Development Department 2009-2010
Empower Project Danish Mission Council Development Department ) 2008-2010
GFATM – IEC (Adivasi project) 2008
Prevention and control of Diabetes Mellitus in the Rural and Semi Urban parts of India through a Established Network of Hospitals World Diabetes Foundation 2007-2008
Community Based TB/HIV Project Danish Mission Council Development Department 2007-2008
Community Prevention of Impairment & Disability American Leprosy Missions 2007-2009
CBM – Hearing Aids project CBM 2006-2008
Initiative for diagnosis and epidemiological assays for leprosy IDEAL Project 2006-2008
Screening for the Drug Resistance M.leprae using Mouse Foot Pad in Relapse of MB Leprosy. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) 2006-2007
Study of Factors Promoting Active Ageing in a Rural Community Ref No: 54/1/GER/02-NCD-11 2006-2007
Transient Nasal Carriage of M. Leprae in a Leprosy Endemic Population 2005-2006
Reaching (Women’s Health) the Women American Leprosy Missions 2005-2006
TANSACS – Tamil Nadu state Aids control society. (Integrated counselling and testing ICTC centre) 2005
Training & Evaluating of Knowledge and Skills of Medical Officers in Primary Health Centres in Diagnosis and Management of leprosy DANLEP 2003
Social Assessment of the Rural and Urban poor in Tamil Nadu DANIDA 2003
Neonatal Mortality Surveillance ( Verbal and Social Autopsy) National Health Research initiative , Clinical Epidemiology Unit , Govt. Medical Collage , Nagpur 2003
Enhancing leprosy awareness through community based health education 2002-2003
Leprosy , Disability and Poverty , Development of Strategies in Integrated Leprosy affected Persons with Disabilities in to Rural Poverty Alleviation Programmes Council of Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology , GOI , India 2002
Study of Leprosy Beggars : An investigation of leprosy affected beggars as hidden reservoir for transmission of leprosy Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) 2002
Activity Limitation study in Leprosy The Leprosy Mission International 2002
Validation of Indicators for CBR programs 2002
Participation Restriction Scale Development The Leprosy Mission International 2002
Reproduction and Child Health program among Leprosy Affected Families 2001
Lactoferrin and Antibodies to Lactoferrin in tears of Leprosy patients Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR 2000-2003
INDO – US project entitled “Epidemiological and immunological studies on early events associated with infection of Mycobacterium Leprae 2000-2003
Adolescent Health Project 2000
Viability of M.leprae in Lepromatous Patients after Completion 12 and 24 months MDT Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) 1999-2002
Care After Cure Project 2 : A Project on Assesment and Care of Leprosy patints released from control in Chitoor District , AP Baptist Union of Sweden. 1998-2000
Multi-Centric field trials in Single Lesion PB leprosy World Health Organisation (WHO) 1995 -1997
Disability Prevention & Limitation Program in Leprosy (The “DISLEP” Project) IMPACT (UK) Foundation 1995
Multi centric field trials of Ofloxacin containing combined drug regimen in PB leprosy World Health Organisation (WHO) 1992-1999
Multicentric study on Longitudinal Study of Ocular Leprosy 1991-2002
“Care After Cure project 1: A project on Assesment and care of leprosy patients released from control in Gudiyatham Taluk” , Tamil Nadu Baptist Union of Sweden. 1986-1992
Field trials of fixed duration of Combined Chemotherapy in MB leprosy World Health Organisation (WHO) 1984 – 1995
Field Trial of combined chemotherapy (Multidrug Therapy) in MB patients World Health Organisation (WHO) 1981 – 1995
Rehabilitation of Leprosy Patients in A Comprehensive Control Program in the Gudiyattam Taluk, S. India Swedish Red Cross – State Government of Tamil Nadu – SIHRLC> 1968-1975