Current Training Programmes offered in the institution

SIH-R & LC offers Training for both Medical Professionals and Allied Health Workers on various aspects of leprosy. These courses were offered primarily for individuals and sponsored by the Central and State Governments, International Leprosy Organizations, WHO and other Voluntary Organizations involved in leprosy and general health services.

The following courses have been approved by Universities and Affiliated Bodies are being successfully Conducted

1. Training Courses approved by The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai (University approved Bachelor Degree programmes):
B.Sc. Degree Courses in Allied Health Science since 2011

S.No Courses No. of Seats
1 Medical Record Science 20
2 Laboratory Technology 20
3 Radio Diagnosis Technology 5
4 Orthotics and Prosthetics 10
5 Optometry Technology 15
6 Physician Assistant 15
7 Medical Sociology 15

2. Christian Medical Association of India approved Diploma Courses

Medical Record Technology – since 1995
Medical Laboratory Technology Course – since 1978
Diploma in General Nursing – since 2001
Diploma in Radiography Technology – since 2008
Certificate in Community Geriatric Care – since 2001

3. Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI) approved Courses
The following courses were approved by the RCI till 2018
● Diploma in Prosthetic and Orthotic Engineering Course of 30 months duration since 1995
● B.Sc. Degree Course in Prosthetics and Orthotics of 4 years duration with intake of 25 per year from 2013-2014.

4. Health Educators and Para Medical Workers Training: (by arrangement)
● Health Educators Course for NMSs at the request of the Government .. since 1998
● Para Medical Workers / Non Medical Supervisors Course

5. Medical Officers Training Programs(by arrangement)
● Medical Officers Course in leprosy
● Special Course for District Leprosy Officers / State Leprosy Officers in Management of leprosy activities
● Training of Trainers Course

6. Under Karigiri Leprosy Education Programme (KLEP) Series
● Produced VCDs on various aspects / topics in leprosy
● Published book-lets on various topics / aspects in leprosy.

Apart from these formal courses, many informal and special courses in leprosy were conducted at the request of State and Central Governments; focusing the following categories of Government / NGos: Medical Officers, District Leprosy Officers and State Leprosy Officers Field Publicity Officers, Public Health Staff, Physiotherapists, Health Educators and other allied health professionals in India.

History of training at SIHRLC

SIHR & LC apart from excellence in treatment and Research had excelled in the field of training in the yester years. Various training modules were prepared to impart training to manage the leprosy control programmes.

The State and Central Governments approved the following training courses as proposed by this institution during 1976

S.No Courses Course Duration
1 Ophthalmic aspects of leprosy 1 week
2 Shoe makers course 4 months
3 Prosthetic Technicians course 8 months
4 Physiotherapy Technician course 9 months
5 Smear Technician Course 4 months
6 Special course in BI and MI for qualified Laboratory Technicians 1 month
7 Laboratory Technician course 12 months
8 Para Medical Worker’s course 6 months
9 Non Medical Supervisors course 2 months
10 Health Educators course 2 months
11 Medical Officers condensed course 1 week
12 Medical Officer, DLOs, SLOs course 6 weeks
13 Training of Trainers course 1 week

Since 1977 these courses were offered by SIHR&LC, primarily for individuals and personnel sponsored by the Central and State Governments, International Leprosy Organizations, WHO and from Voluntary Organizations involved in leprosy and general health care services. Medical and Non Medical personnel from many of the South East Asian countries were trained by our institution.

● To provide a centre for the training of medical and paramedical personnel in all disciplines required for the proper management of leprosy and other identified health issues from time to time.
● Offer quality-training programs relevant at the national and international levels, emphasizing Christian values.
● To provide quality training to the students in the Allied Health Science undergraduate programmes approved by the University and other Boards like RCI, CMAI, etc.
● Selection of students according to the set policies of the institution for various training programmes.
● Prepare time tables and schedules for various training programs and ensure its proper implementation.
● Coordinate and over see the smooth conduct of the training programs conducted at Karigiri.
● Conduct evaluation of training programmes conducted by the institution to maintain the quality education.
● Act as Liaison to the University and Boards to implement the training programmes without any hindrance.
● Conduct tailor made training programs according to the needs of Government / NGOs.
● Arrange In-service training program for trained allied health science professionals.
● Collaborate with Elective students from abroad and assist in their projects.
● Entertain Visitors/ Observers and get them oriented to institutional activities.




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